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Once you get Turkish citizenship you can pass it to your wife, and your children who are below The age of legal wills, under 18


Once you get Turkish citizenship and  become a citizen, your male children of the legal age will be called up for military service, as they are Turkish citizens, to read more about the military service, click here


The answer is No. In terms of taxes, when you obtain Turkish citizenship, you will not be exempted from the (value-added-tax =VAT) taxes from which the foreigner was previously exempt, meaning that your tax transactions will differ.


The answer is yes, there is no need to give up your original citizenship, to be able to obtain Turkish citizenship.

The answer is yes, there is no validity period for Turkish citizenship, it will be atomically granted to your grandchildren.


the answer is No, the Turkish government does not require any additional money amounts, To obtain citizenship, under the provision of government donation or other


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