Is a foreigner eligible to buy a car in Turkey?


All Turkish cities have one element in common, which the well-developed infrastructures; it has become amusing to drive a car on highways, and even within secondary roads, meanwhile many people consider and enjoy driving experience in Turkish cities, the most stunning of which is Istanbul for sure, the city possesses one of the most significant advanced traffic technologies that make the driving experience a matter Unforgettable, the trial of passing over the suspension bridges over the Bosphorus of Istanbul is one of the most exciting ventures, which is memorable and worthy of sharing on your Instagram's story

So let us tell you how you can buy or rent a car to enjoy exploring Turkish cities, what are the regulations and obligations owed to you as a foreigner, and many other answers that satisfy your concerns:

1- is foreigners qualified and eligible to buy a Turkish car in Turkey?
The answer is yes, as a foreigner you can purchase any selected car, whether a new one or a used automobile, however, the significant difference is the plate number, Turkish have non-specific letters on their plate, while all the bought car by foreigner hold the letter (M / MA ) which refers to Misafir = guest in Turkish language.
As a newcomer, no extra obligations you'll be exposed to or obligated to proceed; however, you can't finalize the purchase process or even begin it without having a valid residence permit in Turkey, with extending validity date.

To finalize the entire purchasing process doesn't take a long time to be closed; generally, three months are enough to get your new keys. Nevertheless, legal transactions do not take much time, but you must prepare your official papers, which are as follows:

1- The sales bill which must be locally notarized
2- The original invoice of the purchased car also must be notarized
3- The tax receipt of consumption which you paid to the (Vergi Dariresi)
4- The certificate of correspondences
5- The certificate of traffic insurance, it'll be obtained from the insurance company, which will offer you several packages; we highly recommend you to stick with the internal insurance company you dealt with to get health insurance in the first place

There's a crucial condition you must consider about the traffic taxation issue, which is the payment of the traffic taxation alters depending on several conditions, which are:

A- The CO2 toxic releases
B- The age of the car in case of buying a used-automobile
C- The capability and purchased value

- An essential question that must be addressed is whether my wife or any family members can use my car?
The answer is yes, and only the wife and children beyond 18 who hold a Turkish driving certificate are qualified. The vehicle can be towed, impounded, and a heavy fine paid in case of violating the law.
At the same time, it's illegal to lend a car to a brother or father; also, it's not legal to lend the vehicle of a foreign person to a Turkish citizen unless he's a personal driver and also provided that he's accompanying you during travels and not driving the car alone, otherwise; The penalty is usually paid for violating this law would cause a lot of troubles to the car owner.

2- Will be able to use your foreign driving license in Turkey?

Yeah, you can, but not for an extended period, a maximum of three months, from the entry day, you have the eligibility to drive freely; however, we don't recommend you so, while you won't be able to obtain car insurance, in other words, the law won't support you and even accuse you, in case you're exposing to an unpleasant accident.

Meanwhile, we strongly suggest you to extracting a Turkish driving license; while it's a piece of cake to get one as a professional driver, click here to read more about obtaining the Turkish driving license; all the required official papers and procedures are Documented.

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