Ramazan Bayramı in Turkey: What are the customs and traditions of Turks?


The vast majority of the population density in Turkey are Muslims, and it's good to know that the entire country will be full of cheerful graces waves, streets lit with exhilarating adornments, and the alleys fragranced with cakes and delicious Turkish sweets smell, meanwhile, today in this article we're telling you more about the customs and traditions of the Turks during the Ramazan Bayramı in Turkish or Eid al-Fitr in Turkey:

1- The naming of Ramazan Bayramı:
In the middle east, the festival comes after the holy month of Ramadan called Eid al-Fitr, which refers to breaking the fast after a long month of fasting and starving, but in Turkey, there are several naming for the festival such as Ramazan Bayramı or Seker Bayramı, and Seker Bayramı created due to the children's habit, who knocking on the doors of neighbors and wandering in the alleys to ask for sweets and sugar, and this is why most Turks buy large portions of sweets and bonbon to delightfully distribute to children.

This custom is somewhat similar to what children do in America during Halloween, where they wander in the alleys around the neighborhood, asking for sweets and candies, but in Turkey, the only major distinction is that children wear new holiday clothes, unlike in the USA, where children disguise themselves in different funny costumes

2- Visiting the elderly, asking for money:

Must of Muslims around the world appreciate their Elderly relatives, and work on visiting them constantly asking for their blessing, due to their beliefs in the importance of kinship ties and family connections, so the first thing to do for the vast majority of Muslims in Ramadan Bayrami is visiting their grandparents, however, there is a funny tradition, where kids and also the adults asking for money, kind of pocket money, where the adults give the little ones, money to enjoy the feast

Also one of the common customs in Turkey on Eid is to visit cemeteries, to ask for mercy for them on the morning of the first day of Eid, immediately after the Eid prayer.

3- Making Turkish sweets at home:
The Turkish kitchen is globally known as a rich cuisine full of mouthwatering dishes, especially when it comes to sweets, Turkish Baklava absolutely wins, and in the Bayram specifically, Turkish housekeepers used to keep the tradition of making Baklava at home to serve it during the Ramazan Bayrami, and for the dinner of the first day of Bayram, huge groups of Turkish ladies will gather to prepare the Turkish Sarma, or Dolma, which is also a common dish in the Middle Eastern cuisine, where most of the Middle Easterns cook the dolma with different ingredients for the first day of the Bayram or Eid-Alfitir as well.

4- Ramazan Bayrami is the time of giving in Turkey:
The first day of the Ramazan Bayrami has such a busy schedule, all the family gather to start the day joyfully by having the first cup of morning coffee after the month of Ramadan is officially over,

Thereafter men will prepare themselves to go to the mosque, by wearing their finest costumes, to attend the Bayram Namazi in Turkish, the Eid prayer in English. From the mosque, will go to the cemeteries, to visit their relatives, and ask God for forgiveness and mercy, and then all men will gather to donate and distribute poor people's charity, due to the belief of the importance of giving and sympathy with people who in need.

One of the most impressive traditions that Turks emphasize is teaching their kids about solidarity within their society, by accompanying the children to the mosque, giving them money to share the blessing process of giving the charity, to let them later go to knock on the doors around, and collect as many candies as they can.

There’re more and more amusing things to do at Ramazan Bayrami in Turkey and exacting traditions to explore, so our recommendation to you is to schedule your next visit to Turkey at the time of Ramazan Bayrami, in order to be able to distinguish the oriental joyful ora of the Eid, and also to full your stomach with the tasty homemade Baklava or Dolma, and yeah we forget to tell you that Turkey Advisors team is ready to fill your list with loads of parks or Bazars suggestions, that would be a perfect destination where you can joy your time with family in Turkey, leave us a message so we can serve you the way you deserve.